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Sexuality is how you feel about your body and body image, your gender, your feelings, who you’re attracted to and what you want from life.

When does it happen?

Some young people know their sexual orientation from an early age, others take longer to work it out. Sexual orientation can change too.

When you’re feeling confused about your sexual orientation, it can make you feel:

  • anxious
  • angry
  • confused
  • frustrated

This is completely normal. Don’t worry, stress or feel under pressure from family or friends. Whatever you are, you know best and it’s OK. Be proud of who you are, regardless of what anyone might say.

Gender Dysphoria

If you feel a mismatch between your sex and gender identity, this can be distressing and cause uncomfortable feelings. This can be related to gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria is a recognised medical condition, for which treatment is sometimes appropriate. It is not a mental illness.

What can I do?

Go at your own pace when it comes to exploring your sexuality.

If you have questions about sex and sexuality, speak to an adult that you trust such as your parents, school nurse or your doctor. There’s no such thing as a stupid question.

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