Reducing Restrictive Practice (Kennett)

Objectives and concerns


To reduce the use of restrictive practices on Kennet Ward by introducing positive changes to reduce the need for restrictive interventions.

About this project

The ward carried out work to understand the restrictive practices on Kennet ward and why they were used and produced a driver diagram.

One change idea was to systematically introduce the Safe Wards interventions one by one testing for improvement and unintended consequences.

The ward introduced the Know Each Other folder which all staff contributed to, patients also contributed to this if they chose to. As well as the Soft Words and Calm Down Methods interventions.


Unfortunately this project was stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Non-urgent advice: Further information

Local project leads

  • Helen Ayres, Safeguarding Project Lead
  • Zoe Jackson, Ward Manager

QI project support

  • Hayley Trueman, Improvement Lead

Page last reviewed: 27 September, 2021