Horizon service

What we do

We work with children and young people under 18 living in Oxfordshire, who are experiencing distress as a result of sexual harm. We work with families and carers too.

We provide advice, consultation and supervision for professionals too, to help them find the right service and the right level of input, to meet a young person’s needs.

When someone has particularly complex needs, we offer specialist assessment and recommendations about further care, or direct psychological interventions from our service.

We always work jointly with social care agencies, the charity Safe! (which supports young people affected by crime), Oxfordshire County Council and others as needed.

Non-urgent advice: Get in touch

Please see our referrals page for info on how to access this service. If you would like more information, please contact:

Maple House
The Slade
Horspath Driftway
Oxford OX3 7JH

Page last reviewed: 7 September, 2021