Oxford Health and Unloc seeking support from young people in Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes

Are you 12 – 25 years old and living in Buckinghamshire or Milton Keynes? Please spare five minutes to take part in a confidential survey in which your views can make a big impact on mental health services.

Oxford Health and Unloc seeking support from young people in Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes

Young people across Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes are being asked to share their views to help develop and strengthen mental health services in the county.

Following the launch of a successful project with Unloc, a not-for-profit organisation, to engage with young people in neighbouring Oxfordshire about the mental health, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust is now expanding the scope of its consultation work to include Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes.

The mission is to give Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes’ youth a powerful voice and be listened to; ultimately empowering them to help make ground-breaking changes, develop their own skills and potential as well as give them a unique platform via a planned Youth Board.

Nearly 1,500 Oxfordshire young people shared their views on mental health.

We now hope to gain a similar response in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes.

All responses and insights shared by children and young people will enable the Trust as an NHS organisation to shape services effectively to best support young people in the region. In Buckinghamshire we already provide mental health services (CAMHS), and we have mental health support teams embedded in schools.

The survey

The anonymous five minute survey asks young people for their views on mental health – to get a ‘temperature check’ on mental health issues. The survey has been sent to organisations, including schools, colleges and youth groups.

Please take part in the survey here and you will not be asked to give your name.

What happens next?

Once the survey is closed there are plans for a series of mental health roadshows specifically for young people.

Oxford Health’s goal is to develop a Youth Board for the Trust – where engaged young people can share insights, ideas and experiences to enhance services. This is underway in Oxfordshire, with the hope to extend to Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes.

Kerry Rogers, Director of Corporate Affairs & Company Secretary and Executive sponsor, commented: “The Trust is pleased to continue our work with Unloc in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes, to support young people in as many communities as we can.

“It is another chance for us to value the voices of young people, to act on their views shared and adapt our services to their needs – ultimately, working towards our vision of outstanding care.”

Sue Hadwin, Head of Service for CAMHS Community Services Buckinghamshire, added: “Young people across counties have faced challenges throughout the pandemic – this is a chance for us to further support them in our services.

“Please fill in the survey, if you are struggling with your mental health or know a young person who is, your contributions will be invaluable. Please remember, if you feel anxious, upset or are struggling with something talk to someone – whether it is a loved one, someone at school or us. We are here for you.”

Unloc’s Managing Director, Hayden Taylor said: “We’re delighted to continue working with Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust across the wider area to really understand and meet the needs of young people when it comes to mental health. Too often young people are so anxious or afraid to seek help and support, or don’t even know where to turn to in order to find it. Our in-roads, connections with young people, and unique way of engaging them allow us to truly get to the heart of the matter, and best equip NHS and mental health services in the area to meet their bespoke needs.”

You can find more information about CAMHS, including mental health support available here.

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Published: 1 December 2021