Oxford Health teams scoop ‘placement of the year’ awards

Oxford Health teams scoop ‘placement of the year’ awards

Four of our teams win at the Oxford Brookes 'Placement of the Year' awards, with six other teams being highly commended.

The Oxford Brookes Placement of the Year awards celebrate excellent placements and learning environments provided by local health and social care providers.

Kennet Ward, at the Littlemore Health Centre in Oxford, won the Mental Health Placement of the Year, while our North Oxfordshire Community Learning Disabilities Team (pictured) in Banbury scooped both the Placement of the Year for Occupational Therapy and Health Education England’s award for Thames Valley.

Our Oxford City School Health Nursing team won in the ‘Return to Practice’ category, and the Oxford City Older Adults Community Mental Health Team at Manzi Resource Centre won in the ‘Adult and Mental Health Nursing’ category.

In addition, several of our teams were highly commended:

Glyme Ward, Oxford Clinic, Littlemore Mental Health Centre (Mental Health Nursing)

East Oxford Health Centre Health Visiting Team (Adult Nursing Oxford)

North & West Adult Mental Health Team, The Elms Centre (Mental Health Nursing)

Abingdon Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (Mental Health Nursing)

South Oxfordshire Adult Mental Health Team, Didcot (Social Work)

MSK Outpatients, Witney Community Hospital (Physiotherapy)

What the nominations said

Kennet Ward offers an outstanding opportunity for trainee nurses thanks to a warm and welcoming team of staff who were professional, friendly and constantly role modelling and teaching.

Trainee nurses told their tutors:

“Kennet ward from day one felt safe, friendly and professional. They are constantly role modelling and teaching, it is in the team’s nature.”

“Kennet ward is truly an exceptional placement for student learning; the teams are clearly invested in developing future nurses who will focus on patient car and advocate for their needs in a knowledgeable and caring manner.”

“Kennet ward exceeds being an exceptional place for learning and has provided me with an invaluable insight into excellent nursing practice. From the initial to the final day I felt supported by all professionals and I was welcomed so warmly and with such cordiality.”

Kennet Ward ward manager Rene Sidorov said: “To be named Mental Health Nursing Placement of the Year 2018 by Oxford Brookes after being nominated by a number of our past students is just incredible.

“The feedback we get every year is very encouraging. I am really proud of our achievement.

“Thank you to all those who mentored our student nurses during their placements but also to those who created a strong and cohesive team for students to learn in.”

Helen Button (pictured first from left) from the occupational therapy team said: “We were honoured just to be invited to the event and did not expect to come out with an award!

Our 1st year Masters student nominated us and her feedback was really positive about her overall placement experience with Oxford Health NHS. The award is down to everyone involved in making the placements experience positive and she fed back that the OT Student Lecture Programme enhanced her placement.”

The feedback about the Oxford City Older Adults Community Mental Health Team said: “From the start, duty team has been immensely engaging in allowing me to independently take on assessments, as well supporting doctors for urgent reviews on a regular basis.”

The School Health Nurses also got glowing feedback, with one student saying:  “As a Return to Nursing student, I was treated with respect, and my previous professional experience and knowledge valued and used in enhancing the work of the School Health Nursing team”.

Positive feedback

Teams across the trust received positive feedback from student nurses following their placements. Here’s just a flavour of the comments:

Ambrosden Health Visiting Team: “This placement area provided me with a rally rounded idea of what health visiting entails. I was included in a whole range of experiences and made to feel like a valuable member of the team.”

Bicester Health Visiting Team: “I learned so much when I was out with the team, the learning opportunities were second to none and I can now see health visiting as a future career for me.”

“Chipping Norton District Nursing Team: “I feel like every student should get a placement like this as it has made me want to be a nurse even more.”

Witney Health Visiting Team: “The whole team was so welcoming and supportive as soon as I walked through the door. I am so truly thankful to each and every one of them for everything they have done throughout my time with them.

Glyme ward, Littlemore Mental Health Centre: “Overall this has been the best inpatient placement I have had and has been very enjoyable, informative and engaging.”

“I have had a positive experience on Glyme ward and have felt myself grow in confidence as a student nurse. I have gained valuable experience and skills to take with me throughout my nursing career.”

East Oxford Health Centre and Health Visiting Team: “My mentor and the team were amazing. I was treated as a colleague and not just a student nurse.”

Kingfisher ward, Thames House, Littlemore Mental Health Centre: “I remain very blessed in the knowledge that those in our care on Kingfisher ward are treated with the upmost respect and dignity by all the staff who work there. It was a pleasure to be considered one of these exceptional people for the time I spent there.”

North & West Adult Mental Health Team, the Elms Centre: “The Elms Centre was a fabulous place to start my nurse training. The team made it a pleasant experience and I felt very welcomed as part of the team.”

Kidlington District Nursing Team: “Team is very supportive, kind and hardworking.”

Sandford ward, Fulbrook Centre: “The placement has a lot to learn from, and there are lots of areas to branch out to to learn more about the client group there.

Vaughan Thomas ward, Warneford Hospital: “The staff were always looking for learning opportunities that I could get involved in. I was exposed to many different situations, some of which were challenging but I felt fully supported throughout.”

Primary Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (South Oxfordshire): “I believe this placement offers all the attributes that go towards making an exceptional place for student learning. From the first day I was made to feel welcome by every single face I encountered in the building.”

Ashurst Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit, Littlemore Mental Health Centre: “This placement helped me develop a range of knowledge regarding laws, policy, person centred care and medication; just to name a few.”

Early Intervention in Psychosis, Warneford Hospital: “Very friendly and welcoming multidisciplinary team who tirelessly work for the benefit of their patients.”

Oxford City Adult Mental Health Team, Day Hospital: “I was very welcomed into the team and everyone was happy to work with m. I’ve come out of this placement feeling much more confident.”

Cotswold House, Warneford Hospital: “Supportive team. Immediately felt part of the team, valued.”

South Oxon Adult Mental Health Team (treatment): “The AMHT members were amazing, very welcoming, supportive, professional, displayed and nurtured good teamwork and good working environment that provided opportunities for learning and professional growth.”

East Oxford & Temple Cowley District Nursing Team: “I became a lot more confident when handing over patients to the other team members. I am so fortunate for this amazing placement and I am so surprised at the amount I have learned during my time here.”

Cherwell ward, Fulbrook Centre: “All of the staff were very welcoming and made me feel a though I was a part of the team, including me in all aspects of life on the ward.”

Whiteleaf Centre: “The placement was extremely relevant to my practice and has given me the confidence and knowledge to manage mental health within the primary care setting, without being frightened.”

Oxford City Older Adults Community Mental Health Team: “I had a great opportunity to learn and develop myself as a nurse and how to implement a person centred and wellbeing approach towards patient care.”

Linfoot ward, Witney: “Mentor and other staff always willing to answer questions and support you when they can.”

South Oxon Adult Mental Health Team (Assessment): “Every morning, during the team meeting, staff would always be mindful of the students within the team and I was invited along to many different opportunities to expand my experience and knowledge, such as CPA meetings, home visits, opportunities to administer depot injections and emergency assessments.

St Leonard’s ward, Wallingford Community Hospital: “The environment is relaxed and welcoming thanks to the team.”

South Oxfordshire Adult Mental Health Team, Didcot: “There was always an amazing team atmosphere and I was never made to feel like a student. The strength of the team is their knowledge and willingness to teach.”

Oxford City Adult Mental Health Team, Warneford Hospital: “The team members are helpful and always prepared to give opportunities to learn.”

Published: 9 July 2018