These free new workshops are provided for carers and family members of service users who are currently under the care of Oxfordshire Mental Health Teams.

Di Hilson, carer involvement lead, said: “I am so pleased to announce a brand new programme of educational workshops specifically developed for the carers, family and friends of our service users across our adult and older adult mental health service in Oxfordshire.

“I would like to encourage people who are looking after our services users to book on any of the workshops that may be helpful.

“If joining a workshop with others or accessing an online session is something you haven’t done before, and you are feeling apprehensive about it then have a chat to me first. I would like to reassure you that there is no need to feel hesitant or worried.”

Upcoming seminars

The workshops will run from 10am to 12.30pm on Microsoft Teams and cover the following topics:

Understanding Suicidal Thoughts and Self Harm Behaviours – Wednesday 20th January

Facilitator: Karen Lascelles, Nurse Consultant

This session will seek to explain the differences and links between self-harm and thoughts of suicide and offer strategies for dealing with both.

Understanding Anxiety – Thursday 25th February

Facilitator: TalkingSpace Plus

Anxiety is a common mental health problem. But what is anxiety? Why does this occur? When is it ‘normal’ to be anxious? And when do we consider anxiety to be a mental health condition? A chance to answer these questions and develop some ways to manage anxiety.

Understanding and supporting people with personality disorders – Wednesday 21st April

Facilitator: Dan Graham, Clinical Specialist, Complex Needs Service

This workshop aims to provide an overview of ‘personality disorders’, exploring the underlying causes and the subsequent complex emotional difficulties which may contribute towards a diagnosis of a personality disorder.

The latter half of the workshop will focus upon strategies and tips for friends and family members who are supporting someone who has a diagnosis of a personality disorder.

Understanding Depression – Thursday 27th May

Facilitator: TalkingSpace Plus

We all feel low from time to time. But what is Depression? How is this different from low moods? And why is depression so common in our society? We take a look at how professionals view depression and what we can do to prevent it from occurring and how to manage it when it is present.

Book now

The workshops are provided for carers and family members of service users who are currently under the care of Oxfordshire Mental Health Teams. Places are limited so book now to ensure you don’t miss out.

You can apply by emailing with your name, telephone number and the course(s) you would like to attend. Written email confirmation will be sent to you with joining instructions for the online session(s) you wish to attend.

See the carers workshop leaflet for further information.

If you require any further information or have any questions please contact Di Hilson, Carer Involvement Lead at or call on 07775 816646.