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Across the Oxfordshire Mental Health Partnership, we provided a variety of interventions and services for those in crisis.

Oxford and Banbury Safe Haven

The Safe Havens offer:

  • Short term one to one support in crisis: face to face and on the phone
  • Relaxing and safe place to be and use of our garden and activities to help you take your mind off current problems
  • Support focusing on coping strategies, ways to keep safe, and connecting with other support

They are open every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday 6pm-10pm. Please call when they are open to book an appointment, and they will offer you support the same evening. Their phone lines are open from 5pm and last booking is at 9pm.

  • Referral line: 01865 903 037

You can contact either Banbury or Oxford Safe Haven, whichever is closer to you:

Banbury Safe Haven

Oxford Safe Haven

You can also leave a voicemail when they are closed, and they will call you back when they are next open.

If you are a professional you can share our details with your client or contact us via phone or e-mail to make a referral or request a call back for your client.

Find out more on the Oxfordshire Mind website.

Oxfordshire Mental Health Helpline

You can call Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire Mental Health Helpline when you need to find out when and where to get help. It can also help you access support from mental health professionals for a range of conditions and symptoms. These may include anxiety, low mood, stress, worry, difficulty with relationships, crying often, feeling helpless, confusion, hallucinations or hearing voices.

You can also call the Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire Mental Health Helpline when you would usually ring 111, speak to your GP, council or police for non-emergency mental health advice.

It operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week for people who need mental health care when their situation is not life threatening. It supports people of all ages including children and older adults.

  • Call 111 for the 24/7 Mental Health Helpline

 This service is available to people of all ages in Oxfordshire.

Emergency Department Psychiatry Department

Oxford Health provides a service within the Emergency Department at both the John Radcliffe Hospital and the Horton Hospital, Banbury.

Those who present at the Emergency Department in a mental health crisis will be provided with psychiatric support from the team.

Elmore Community Services also have worker based at the Emergency Department to provide short term intervention to those who frequently present.