We provide a community-based services for adults and children over age two, who have bowel and/or bladder problems.

You can access our services via a referral made by a health care or education professional. This can be done by telephone or letter.

We want to promote bladder and bowel health: our specialist nurses and physiotherapists undertake a holistic assessment which includes the physical, mental, psychological, social and emotional wellbeing of our patients.

We follow national guidelines and offer evidence-based treatment, and we liase with other health care professionals and services to offer the right care for each patient.

We have all over Oxfordshire, and wherever possible, we will try and offer you appointments at your nearest clinic. We are occasionally able to offer home visits as well.

We are open Monday to Friday (except bank holidays), 8.30 am to 4.30 pm.

Our team is made up of registered nurses, an assistant practitioner and senior administrators: we work as team to provide a community-based service for adults and children over the age of two.

We provide a community-based services for adults and children over age two, who have bowel and/or bladder problems.

We see patients in clinics across Oxfordshire, and we visit housebound patient with complex needs at their home.

We see children in schools, in clinics or at their home, depending on their needs.

For both adults and children, we offer:

  • assessment and advice
  • urinalysis
  • bladder scanning for post-void residual
  • advice on the prevention of moisture lesions and pressure damage.

Services for adults

We provide the following services for adults:

  • Work with people with bladder, incontinence and constipation issues.
  • Assessment of trans-anal irrigation
  • Support and management of continence products including urinary sheaths, anal plugs and trans-anal irrigation assessment.
  • Pelvic floor muscle assessment and exercise tuition
  • Bladder retraining
  • Intermittent self-catheterisation tuition and support
  • Provide teaching, training and support for other healthcare practitioners, including catheter and relevant medication queries

Services for children

We provide the following service for children:

  • Assess physical, developmental and behavioural aspects that may affect continence, including daytime wetting, nocturnal enuresis (night-time bedwetting), toilet training, constipation, soiling and encopresis (smearing).
  • Support and manage continence products including urinary sheaths.
  • Provide ongoing support for children with additional or complex needs.
  • Teach and train healthcare practitioners within children’s services.
  • Provide information and education about continence to parents and carers.
  • Manage nurse-led clinics in Oxfordshire special schools.
  • Offer medication advice and management (GPs retain responsibility for prescribing medication)
  • Work and liaise with other professionals to create holistic treatment plans.
  • Liase with multidisciplinary teams including social services and education.

You need to be referred by a GP or another healthcare practitioner (such as a health visitor) to access our service: healthcare practitioner can patients to us via Healthshare.

All referrals need to include a completed referral form, including, where appropriate, fluid balance charts and output diaries.

Please note that you need to be referred by a GP or other healthcare professional (eg., a health visitor) to access our services.

Telephone (answerphone): 01865 904 303

Email: bladderandbowelserviceadults@oxfordhealth.nhs.uk

Community Bladder and Bowel Service
Witney Community Hospital
Welch Way
OX28 6JJ.

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Page last reviewed: 15 July, 2021