New clinic for hard-to-treat depression

New clinic for hard-to-treat depression

A new clinic at Oxford Health will help test innovative treatments for depression.

The treatment resistant depression clinic is for people who continue to experience symptoms of depression even though they are being treated with antidepressant medication.

Adults (over the age of 18) can refer themselves to the clinic where patients will be assessed by a doctor who is an expert in the treatment of depression. After the appointment they will be sent an assessment letter which will include recommendations for treatment. As one of the clinic’s aims is to test new treatments for depression, patients are asked to consider participating in research but there is no obligation to agree to being involved with a study straight away.

Dr Mike Browning who is leading on this project explains why the clinic has been established:

‘There are a number of effective treatments for depression. Unfortunately however, it is quite common that patients don’t improve with the first treatments they try. The purpose of this clinic is to offer patients expert advice on what other types of treatment might be helpful and to develop and test new interventions in research studies.’

You can find out more and refer yourself to the clinic here

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Published: 4 December 2019