Foot health

Many people are on their feet for four or more hours each day, making the feet one of the most used body parts.

So why are feet often neglected until they become painful?

Basic foot hygiene, appropriate Footwear and good  Nail Care can all play an important role in keeping your feet healthy and reducing the risk of Common Foot Problems.

It’s never too early or too late to start caring for your feet, and there’s a lot you can do for yourself. Below you will find a range of patient advice leaflets. Please feel free to download or print any  leaflets which are relevant to your condition.

Self-help and advice videos

This link will take you to a website that host several Self-Help/Footcare Videos that may give some useful advice:

Although these SIX videos relate to Diabetes Footcare – their content and advice is useful/applicable to most people:


Musculoskeletal and Gait advice leaflets
High-risk foot care leaflets
Low and moderate risk foot care leaflets

If you would like some more information about taking good care of children’s feet, don’t forget to look at Children’s Foot Care as well as Childhood Foot Problems.


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Page last reviewed: 13 July, 2022