What we do

Our adult services cover a range of mental health care services for people of working age (between 18 and 65 years), with some services also catering for older people (over 65 years).

For people between the age of 14 and 35 years who are experiencing their first episode of psychosis we provide early intervention services.

Other services

Other services for adults include:

  • Specialist day care
  • Forensic and specialist
  • Family Assessment & Safeguarding Service
  • Infant-Parent Perinatal Service

Employment service

This service offers advice and support with job searching activities for securing and retaining part-time and full-time employment. Employment support is available to service users who use Oxfordshire Community Mental Health Teams or the Oxfordshire Early Intervention Service.

As an integrated provider we work closely with Oxfordshire County Council and Buckinghamshire County Council.

We are committed to continuously improving our services and provide quality, patient-centred care, focusing on the entire patient journey, from access to and eventual discharge from care.


Please note that if you have not had previous contact with our services, you will need to see a GP to be referred.

Page last reviewed: 6 July, 2021