Clozapine clinic

What we do

The Clozapine Clinic at The Whiteleaf Centre is now a one stop clinic which is held in the clinic room at Keystone Day Hospital.

Service users who are prescribed Clozapine, attend for their blood test, which is analysed on a machine at the clinic; and medication supply is given at the same appointment if the result is satisfactory.

What is Clozapine?

Clozapine (also known as Clozaril®, Denzapine® and Zaponex®) is mainly used to help treat the symptoms of schizophrenia in people who have not got better with at least two other antipsychotics, and for helping stop these symptoms returning.

Regular blood tests and monitoring of physical health is required whilst taking Clozapine.

Clinic leads

The Clozapine clinic is run by clinicians who work within the Aylesbury Vale Adult Mental Health Team.  They work closely with Pharmacy Staff to ensure the smooth running of the clinic.

Community patients

The Clozapine clinic for community patients will be held on Wednesday’s from 10.00am to 4.00pm.

At the clinic, physical health observations will be taken and recorded on the electronic health records  for community patients.

Responsibility for ensuring that annual physical health monitoring is carried out remains the responsibility of the involved Health Care Professional in liaison with GP.


The Clozapine clinic will also be open on Tuesday mornings from 9.30am to 12.00pm for in-patients at Whiteleaf Centre to attend; escorted by ward staff if necessary.

Clinic staff are unable to undertake visits to the ward to do bloods or collect samples.

If patients are not well enough to attend, the ward doctor/phlebotomist will need to take the sample on the ward and take the sample to the clinic on a Tuesday morning for analysis.

Physical health observations will not be recorded and physical health monitoring will remain the responsibility of the individual wards.


If you are prescribed Clozapine or you have any questions about Clozapine, please speak to the health care professional involved in your care.

Referrals to the Clozapine Clinic for Clozapine monitoring can only be accepted from health care professionals.

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Page last reviewed: 21 November, 2023