Ukrainian refugees: resources for professionals

It is estimated that over 800 Ukrainian refugees are due to, or have already moved to Buckinghamshire following the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust recently ran a free one-hour workshop open to all Bucks-based professionals across health, social care, education and the council.

You can watch one of the workshops below.

We plan to run more workshops to ensure more professionals in Buckinghamshire can hear useful information and guidance on the psychological response to the needs of Ukrainian refugees, as well as outlining the pathway for referrals for mental health issues.


Is there a brief impact of scale questionnaire for adults available as well as for children?

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Where can we find information on stress responses in Ukrainian?

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Are there any key questions that GPs can ask Ukrainian patients when they attend a surgery in order to assess any potential psychological needs?

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Page last reviewed: 5 May, 2022