Primary School Resource Pack

About this pack

This pack contains a range of activities suitable for children in primary school to promote and support positive mental health and reduce stigma.

They can be used in PSHE & circle time sessions, with nurture groups or on a one-to-one basis.

A full introduction with learning outcomes can be here: Intro

Circle time activities

What is Mental Health?

Changing places

Life is a lottery game for years 5-6

Mental health quizzes

Yes / No (Agree / Disagree)

Feelings Dominoes

Emotions in poems

Feel your feelings

Play Dough Facial Expressions

Where do I feel emotions in my body?

Bottling up

Huge bag of worries

Ups and Downs

Okay / Not okay

Growing happy feelings

Stress busting tips and Picture cards to assist stress busting tips

50 tips for getting through the next 5 minutes

Five ways to well-being


Coping skills bingo and Bingo cards

I feel I choose

Calming down activities

Be a rainbow

Scenario Activity with Scenario examples (print double sided)

Scenario Activity – Follow up

Feelings jenga

Helping hands

Phone chat support with worksheets

Petal power  with  Flower outline  and House outline for Petal Power

Proud to be me

Being kind to ourselves

Wow Boards

Turning negatives into positives

DIY Feelings Box

Friday fives

Feelings freeze frame

The Present game

Secret responses

Useful links

We would like to thank in particular Becky Proctor of the CAMHS Participation Team, who has spent a huge amount of time in developing these activities.

She has done her best to ensure that they will provide a fun and accessible way for children to learn about mental health in the hope that children will be better equipped to support themselves and their friends when they are experiencing difficulties.

Gill Welsh, the CAMHS Participation Lead, also deserves a special mention for all her work with the collation, editing and layout of the materials.

CAMHS is a specialist service, provided by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, which helps children and young people with a variety of mental health issues. The CAMHS Participation Team is a group of children and young people have direct personal experience of dealing with mental health issues and are passionate about using their experience to challenge stigma and raise awareness of mental health among their peers.

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Page last reviewed: 6 September, 2021