Secondary School Resource Pack

About this pack

This pack contains a range of activities suitable for students in secondary school to promote and support positive mental health and reduce stigma.

These can be used in PSHE lessons, tutor time, small group and individual sessions.

The pack includes a wide range of activities of varying lengths which can be used on their own or in combination with other activities, to provide flexibility. The young people involved in creating this resource have selected the topics and developed the activities in order to engage, challenge and educate their peers but also to equip them with the tools and information they need to deal with the difficulties they may face.

A full introduction can be found here: Introduction to the pack

Changing Places KS 3 KS3 Activity

Changing Places KS 4  KS4 Activity

Mental Health Quizzes
 General (plus answers) KS 3/4 Quiz and Letter correspond quiz
 Banes (plus answers) Banes quiz
 A, B, C, D letter set  Letters

Life is a lottery KS 3/4 Activity
 Lottery cards Life is a lottery game cards

Celebrity Match KS 3/4 Activity
 Celebrity cards Celebrities cards

Challenging Stigma KS 4/5 Activity
 PPT BaNES Youth Forum – young people’s experience of stigma Young People’s experience
 Young people’s views on tackling stigma Young Peoples views on tackling stigma

Anxiety – An insider’s view KS 3/4 Activity
 42 quotes Quotes

Worries All ages Activity

Panic Attacks All ages Activity
 CAMHS Comic Comic
 Top tips for reducing stress Top tips on reducing stress
 Top tips for reducing stress and improving mental health Top tips

Stress Quiz  KS 4/5 Activity

The Worry Tree
 Tree  KS 4/5 Activity

Body Image – Giving Compliments KS 3 Activity

Body Image – Mood board KS 3 Activity

Create the change we want to see KS 4/5 Activity

Eating Disorder Comic
 CAMHS Eating Disorder comic KS 4/5 Activity

Eating Disorders – Agree Disagree KS 3 KS3 Activity

Eating Disorders – Agree Disagree KS 4 KS4 Activity

Eating Disorders – The Battle in my Mind KS 4/5 Activity

CAMHS Depression comic All ages Activity  and  Comics 1 & 2
 Comic page 1
 Comic page 2

Mood Disorders – Agree Disagree KS3 KS3 Activity

Mood Disorders – Agree Disagree KS4 KS4/5 Activity

The Ins and Outs of Depression All ages Ins and Outs

Self-harm – Introduction Introducing the topic

Self-harm – Agree Disagree  KS4 Activity

Self-harm myths and misconceptions KS 4 Activity

 TRUE FALSE cards Activity cards

Self-harm Distractions KS 4/5 Activity
 Distraction cards Activity Distraction cards

Self-harm – Toolbox
 CAMHS Self-harm comic KS4 Activity

Chipping Away Activity KS4
 Audio clip

Ways to wellbeing All ages Activity
 Ways to Wellbeing PPT 5 ways to wellbeing photos

Healthy habits for good mental health KS 4/5 Activity
 20 habits cards 20 cards
 5 ways to wellbeing cards 5 Ways template cards

Healthy, happy schools All ages Activity

Circle of Support KS 3 Activity

Scenario Activity: Where to get support
 Scenarios  All ages Activity
 Options cards Activity cards

40 Photos – Options for Support

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