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Getting involved

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We are committed to involving patients, families and carers in continually improving the quality of the services we provide.

Read on to find out more about how you can get involved.

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Monthly Forums

Across Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, we run two monthly forums ‘Our Voice in Oxfordshire’ and ‘Bucks Voice in Buckinghamshire’.

These forums are for carers or for for someone who uses the mental health services in either county. It is the opportunity for people to come together and use their experiences to work alongside professionals and those developing and changing the mental health services.

It is to make sure that the voices of those with lived experiences are included in terms of making new developments and changing existing services.

Your experiences could help us shape our services and continue to deliver the highest quality of care and ensure that individuals are not left behind.

If you would like more information contact Liam Corbally, patient experience and involvement lead for adult and older adult mental health services by emailing

Why get involved

  • To use personal experiences of healthcare to help improve quality
  • To give opinions in a measured way
  • To use skills to improve healthcare services
  • Used lived experiences to empower others and educate staff
  • Have a keen interest in bringing about service improvement and being eager to make a difference

What can I get involved in?

  • Interviewing potential new staff members
  • Presenting your carers journey to help the trust learn from your experiences
  • Reviewing and developing essential information such as leaflets, posters, websites and films to ensure they are inclusive of carers needs
  • Being part of a steering group or project meeting to ensure the carers voice is part of the decision making
  • Participating in a focus group to give views on a specific topic

How do I get involved?

Carer Involvement Lead

Please contact Di Hilson, the trust’s Carer Involvement Lead if you would like to register to be kept up to date with involvement opportunities.

Photo of Di Hilson, Carer involvement lead

Our goals

Our Experience and Involvement Strategy for 2019-21 sets out how Oxford Health intends to build and improve on how we work with people of all ages who use our services to ensure we work in partnership with patients, carers, families and professionals.

Become a member of our Trust

Membership is free and you have no obligations – but you can:

  • Influence the way we provide and develop our local services
  • Hear first-hand about the Trusts ongoing work and plans
  • Meet other people with similar interests in local physical, mental and community services
  • Attend free events for members, including behind-the-scene tours and fascinating talks
  • Vote for governors in elections that happen in your constituency
  • Run for carer governor when the opportunity arises and represent the members in your constituency
  • Receive our free newsletter Membership Matters

Current opportunities

Get involved with a research opportunity to help people with psychosis become more active

We have secured funding from the National Institute of Heath Research to carry out a programme of research aiming to design an intervention that will help people with psychosis to become more physically active. This will be aimed at people who are not physically active but who want to be. Much research has been conducted to try to help in the past but the psychological barriers to activity have been neglected. With my psychological background thisis what I want to address. 

The first phase will involve focus groups and interviews with patients, carers and staff to find out more about the barriers and facilitators to physical activity. The second phase will involve co-designing the intervention with people who have lived experience, carers and staff. The third phase will be a small scale test of the intervention. This is with a view to larger scale testing in the future after this programme of research has ended. 

Who can take part?  

We are aiming to collect together a group of interested people who have had lived experience of psychosis and carers. They will have an interest in research and in this topic area. We are hoping to gather a group which will be diverse across age, gender, experience of psychosis and physical
activity, and ethnicity. 

What will be involved? 

We are looking for people to consult with me in two ways 1) a core group of around 6 people who will meet online four times a year and 2) a wider group of people who will advise me by looking at documents etc and feeding back to me by email. This would run on more of an ad hoc basis. We are also looking for carers to participate in the focus groups or 1 on 1 interviews to give their views.  This can happen anytime before the end of March either online or over the phone

You will be reimbursed for your time, whether you contribute through attending meetings, one to one interviews or by reviewing documents. 

What now?  

If you think you might be interested in doing this we would love to hear from you. If possible, it would be good to talk on the phone or via an online call but if this isn’t possible we can communicate by email. 

Tel: 01865 618186; Email:

Oxford Health peer reviews

An opportunity has arisen for carers to be involved with the Oxford Health peer reviews. Peer review is a process to drive continuous quality improvement for the care we provide, it is led by the NHS for the NHS and is a learning and development opportunity between teams.

Please do take a look at the attached leaflet.

If you would like to find out more information, please contact Sarah Amani, Head of Quality and Clinical Standards,  at .

Sarah is leading on this programme and will be happy to talk about the peer reviews in more detail with you and answer any questions you may have.

If you choose to get involved you will be part of a peer review team. Alternatively, here is a link for you to register your interest so you can be matched to the clinical team you have the most interest in peer reviewing: Join Our Journey to Outstanding Peer Review Team.

Community Mental Health Framework

s part of the NHS Long Term Plan, the Bucks Community Mental Health Framework is an exciting programme that will change the way primary and community mental health services work with Adults and Older Adults to access better mental health support.

The Community Mental Health Framework aims to support those with mental health conditions, closer to their homes within Primary Care Networks (GP practices), thus filling the current gap between primary and secondary care services. Here is a short video explaining this.

The NHS Community Mental Health Transformation – Bing video

Do you have experience of using adult or older adult community mental health services within Buckinghamshire with the person you care for? Would you like to help make these changes and get involved?

The programme began in April 2021 and work is progressing, the project team are looking to further strengthen the carer voice and below is a list of opportunities for getting involved which you may be interested in.

Currently, Carer Involvement Opportunities are:

  1. Single Point of Access (SPA) for Adult Mental Health in 2022. The purpose of this SPA is to enable people with Mental Health problems to access support, care & treatment in a timely manner from specialist mental health services, voluntary sector, or community service, through professional referrals, by digital or other means. 

The SPA will deliver a new and integrated model of primary & community mental health care that supports adults and older adults with mental illnesses

The Project Management team are forming a number of stakeholder focus groups to support the development of this service, and would like to invite those who are carers for mental health service users to form one such focus group.

As such, we would like to invite you to a Carer focus group on 18th January 2022, 1.00pm to 2.30pm on Microsoft Teams (online) to learn more about this new service, and to contribute to how it can work best for carers.

  1. Personality Disorder Service Development

We would like carer representation at our monthly working group meeting occurring 3rd Thursday of every month 1-2pm. During this meeting, development updates are shared, discussed and formed and as a carer on the panel, this would be an opportunity to hear the updates, review and comment on the suggestions. Outside of this meeting documents may be circulated for feedback.

  1. Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) Service Development

We would like carer representation at our monthly meeting occurring 2nd Thursday of every month 10-11am. Format is the same as the above.

  1. Rehabilitation for Severe Mental Illness (SMI) Service Development

We would like carer representation at our monthly working group meeting, occurring 4th Thursday of every month, 10:30-11:30. Format is the same as the above.

To find out more contact Di Hilson, Carers Lead on 07775816646 or email

Carers in research

Oxford Health is a research active NHS trust, and we have opportunities for carers to take part in research studies, and to help shape what research we do and how we do it. You can find out more on the research pages of our website

If you would like to register to be kept up to date with our research opportunities please email the Research Patient and Public Involvement Manager:

Get in touch

If you are a carer and would like to find out more, please get in touch – we would really like to hear from you, contact us at