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The Highfield Unit Oxford is a state-of-the-art NHS facility providing specialist inpatient services for young people aged 11 to 18 with acute mental health needs.


Completed in November 2012, this £11m unit provides the best possible environment for young people with serious mental illness who cannot be managed safely in the community.

Located at the Warneford Hospital in Headington, the Highfield Unit Oxford has 18 bedrooms, all with en-suite facilities, as well as separate male and female corridors.

There is also a two-bed high dependency area for patients who may require more intensive support for short periods. This allows patients to receive one-on-one care in a low stimulus environment away from the main part of the unit.


The unit has a dedicated learning zone that ensures young people continue their education in line with the national curriculum. This includes a full IT suite as well as art and pottery rooms alongside other teaching spaces.

We also have a specially commissioned music therapy suite which was provided by funds donated from the Oxford Hospital Services Charity. This suite provides facilities for young people to play and learn music within an educational curriculum, as well as enabling group therapy sessions using music.


There are also several ‘chill out’ spaces designed by young people and large outdoor spaces, which provide areas for fun, play and relaxation, as well as an area for gardening.

Retaining the caring and stimulating approach that has always been an integral part of the Highfield, our new unit offers first class facilities that enable young people to rebuild their lives and reach their full potential.

Highfield Development Fund

The Highfield Unit Oxford has a small charitable fund which aims to: –

  1. Improve facilities for patients e.g. school equipment or extra furnishings
  2. Contribute towards specialist training for staff.

If you or you family wish to make a donation or you have a suggestion for ways of using the fund then please contact Dr James (Consultant Psychiatrist) or Sarah Firth (Modern Matron) on 01865 902711.

Registered Charity no: 1057285

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Page last reviewed: 1 July, 2024