Back to school anxiety

Dr. Jara Falkenburg, a Clinical Psychologist from our Marlborough Community CAMHS in Wiltshire shares three top tips to reduce back to school anxiety - for the near 9 million pupils across England who have returned to school this week.

Back to school anxiety

Parents, guardians or carers can follow these three useful tips to support young people returning to school.


  1. Encourage conversations about school – ask open questions to give the young person a chance to open up about difficult feelings and give an opportunities to problem solve any practical worries together.
  2. Support the back to school routine to take away some uncertainty in these unpredictable times – this includes 8-11 hours sleep alongside regular and varied daytime meals. Try to include around 30 minutes of fun and relaxing activities of their choice afterschool – to help unwind and enable you to check in.
  3. Help the young person reconnect with their social networks, including with peers and teachers

Most importantly, remember it is normal to feel anxious about returning to school.

For more information visit the Oxford Health CAMHS website here or the YoungMinds website here.

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Published: 10 March 2021