Today is the day – No Smoking Day

Today is No Smoking Day – a national annual event aimed at helping more people to quit and improve their health.

Today is the day – No Smoking Day

This year’s national theme is ‘quitting smoking doesn’t have to be stressful – we can support you’.

Marie Crofts, chief nurse and smoke free lead said: “Supporting our patients to live longer healthier lives through quitting smoking is a key part of improving people’s physical health. This is why we completely support ‘No Smoking Day’ and we are committed to helping patients find alternative ways to help them stop smoking.

“But we also want to encourage anyone, not just patients, who are thinking of stopping smoking to take that all important first step. You won’t regret it!”

Stopping smoking doesn’t just improve your physical health it improves your life expectancy. Confirmed research suggests it has a positive impact on your mental health and wellbeing as well. Last year in lockdown one million people quit smoking.

Oxford Health are committed to ensuring our patients have a range of approaches and opportunities to quit smoking. The key message on ‘No smoking day’ is not just about encouraging people to quit for the day, it is also an opportunity to get people thinking more about a more positive smoke free future.

Living under such challenging circumstances through the pandemic has increased stress and worry for all of us and there is never a better time than today to make the change and stop smoking.

Where can I get support?

Support and encouragement plays a big role in helping people to stop smoking and staying smoke free in the long term. You can find out more about support from Oxfordshire Public Health here or via one of the organisations listed below.

National Smokefree Helpline – Call 0300 123 1044

SmokeFree Life Oxfordshire – Call 01869 814 216 or 0800 246 1072 or text QUIT to 66777

SmokeFree Life Berkshire – Call 0800 622 6360 or 0118 449 2026 or text QUIT to 66777

Live Well Swindon Hub – Call 01793 465513 or email

SmokeFree website – useful resources

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Published: 10 March 2021