The results of the NHS Staff Survey 2020 have revealed more Oxford Health staff then ever would recommend working at the trust or as a place to receive care. That’s amid the pressures of the coronavirus pandemic.

The survey results were gathered in autumn 2020 and offer a peak into the experiences of people working at Oxford Health.

They show how, amid the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, more employees then ever say they would recommend the trust as a place to work and receive care.

Chief executive Nick Broughton said: “It has been an extraordinary 12 months for people working at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. I’d like to say a very heartfelt thank you to Oxford Health staff. Two small words which we cannot use enough.

“This time last year the UK Chief Medical Officers raised the coronavirus risk to the UK from moderate to high and the government issued its first health advice as the true magnitude of the pandemic began to unfold.

“Twelve months on I am extremely proud of the way staff have pulled together to support each other, our teams, our patients, our NHS. More colleagues would recommend Oxford Health as a place to work and receive care, which is no small measure. We are in this together – and I couldn’t be prouder of the comradery and teamwork I have witnessed for myself at the trust.”