Colleagues spring a DAISY surprise on nurse Kate

It was going to be a day like any other for Cotswold House colleague Kate Warrington, with just an impromptu staff get-together to go to before heading off for some training.

Colleagues spring a DAISY surprise on nurse Kate

But what Kate didn’t realise was that the quick meeting in the group room was actually a surprise DAISY award presentation – all for her!

The DAISY Awards is an international recognition programme that honours and celebrates the skilful and compassionate care provided by nurses and midwives each day.

Oxford Health employs more than 1,700 nurses who are eligible to be nominated.

Kate is a charge nurse at Cotswold House and is also training as CBT therapist in eating disorders. She has worked in mental health since 2008 and been qualified nurse since 2013 working at Cotswold House for six years.

She was put forward for the award by a patient who said in their nomination: “From the start Kate has been incredibly supportive, compassionate and patient with me. She has a wonderful way of helping a patient rationalise their fears and problems without undermining the intensity of them. It is not just me that she has helped, but each patient who has spent time on this ward rates her care and advice very highly.”

Even when she took her seat in the room and spotted Marie Crofts, Britta Klinck, the DAISY banner and cakes the penny didn’t immediately drop.

Kate described the moment Marie Crofts announced that the award was for her: “It was nice, and surprising! I didn’t come into work expecting it!

“It’s really nice to know that the work you are doing makes a difference and people appreciate what you do.

“It wasn’t until Marie said that they were here for ‘a particular person’ that I remembered a colleague had been particularly insistent that I join them in the Group Room, and then I realised!”

Picture shows: Kate, Ellen Tutisani, Sophie Black, Britta Klinck and Marie Crofts.

Kate, who lives in Bicester, studied mental health when she left school and did a degree dissertation on eating disorders. She explains: “I have always liked working in mental health – it fascinates me and the difference you can make in people’s lives is really rewarding.”

Marie Crofts said: “We read all the nominations and each one shows just how much excellent work is done in the Trust and how much it is appreciated.

“When we go through them we don’t get to know at that stage who the person is that’s being put forward and it’s really nice to be part of the process and see the winners as it dawns on them what’s happening.

“It’s clear that Kate is a deserving winner seeing how pleased her colleagues were was wonderful.”

Britta Klinck, Oxford Health’s Deputy Chief Nurse, said: “The DAISY awards is an excellent way to thank someone who you believe has gone the extra mile to help and shown true care and compassion.

“I would urge anyone who has had a good experience to take a look at the DAISY award web pages and think about making a nomination. It’s quick and easy to do and, as you can see from Kate’s presentation, really makes someone’s day.”

To find out more about the DAISY awards visit the Trust’s dedicated page.

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Published: 21 April 2022