Family, friends and carers handbook launched

Oxford Health launches new Carers Handbook for anyone who cares for or supports someone receiving care and treatment from our adult and older adult mental health services.

Family, friends and carers handbook launched

The ‘Family, friends and carers handbook‘ has been created by mental health carers and the trust Carers Lead.

It has been designed to give you an overview of what to expect from the Trust. It provides you with the types of information and support that is available to you.

It is intended as an information resource to be shared with you at the start of your caring journey. We hope you will continue to use it throughout that journey.

Why is it needed?

Carers must remember that their health and wellbeing is as important as the welfare of the person they care for. It is easy to feel alone and isolated, but help is available.

The handbook contains lots of useful guidance about the support they can access. This includes help both from Oxford Health and in their local community.

Di Hilson, Trust Carers Lead, said:

“I feel immensely proud of what we have all achieved, as carers we know how challenging it can be to navigate our way through our healthcare systems.

“Sam, Heide, Andy and I hope that this handbook will be a helpful starting point to a carer’s journey with Oxford Health NHS mental health services.

“We hope it will provide carers with the information and guidance they may need when accessing our services, along with that important reminder that they are important too and must look after themselves. With this in mind, support for carers is a big part of this handbook too.”

Andy, a carer who helped produce the handbook, said:

“As a carer, I became involved with the creation of the Carers Handbook, as it can be so hard to have your voice heard in a big organisation. To be able to shape a positive change for future carers was very important to me.”

Heide, another carer, said:

“Coming into the mental health system as a carer, the lack of information along with expectations of me was as overwhelming as it was isolating. I felt lost.

“A handbook like this would have made it so much easier to navigate this hugely challenging and unfamiliar situation. I feel privileged to have been able to be involved in the discussions and work that lead to the creation of this important document.”

Carer Sam, who was also involved in the project, said:

“To those of you going through this painful process, please remember you are never alone, and you’re stronger than you could ever have imagined. Stay focused and above all please be kind to yourselves.”

Get the handbook

You can access our handbook both online and as a downloadable PDF you can print off at home. Visit our dedicated site to start using this resource.

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Published: 12 March 2024