Innovative and thoughtful CAMHS therapist wins Exceptional People Award for the outstanding support she provides to patients and colleagues.

Senior Care Coordinator and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist Keeley Nichol wins January’s Exceptional People Individual Award – always going that step further to support vulnerable children, young people and their families and carers.

A dedicated children’s therapist has won the January Exceptional People Individual Award for the focus she places on the most vulnerable children and young people every day.

The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) Oxfordshire Community Services is there to help children and young people in the community who are finding it hard to cope with everyday life because of difficult feelings, behaviour, or relationships.

Keeley’s care provides children and young people who need it most with opportunities to learn new skills to support them in managing emotional or mental health difficulties, whilst being there for parents and carers.

Keeley is dedicated to her patients and willing to ensure she can meet their needs and provide the best care for them individually – always going the extra mile, putting the patient and their loved ones at the centre of her care.

Her supportive and thoughtful approach means patients know Keeley will always respond to contact on the day and will go to great efforts to support them. Keeley takes time to work at community sites and places where young people feel comfortable – ensuring they feel safe and working to build trust so they can share their feelings and worries. Working with these patients, Keely maintains the highest standards of safety.

As a proud member of CAMHS, Keeley is innovative and supports changes in practice to make sure what the service is delivering is the most effective intervention.

Not only does Keeley go the extra mile for her patients, but also her colleagues. Regularly helping others, filling in the gaps on the rota, thinking of their wellbeing and building great relationships.

Keeley said: “This award makes me feel valued, respected and acknowledged for the efforts I and the team I am in work towards.  I feel humbled and grateful to my nominator and it makes me want to acknowledge others who are exceptional in the future.”

The nomination

Keeley was nominated by Principal Family Therapist South Oxfordshire CAMHS GMH (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, Getting More Help) Shona Reed-Purvis. Keely has been nominated for going above and beyond, providing exceptional care.

Shona commented:

“Keeley has been key in developing our new psychosocial intervention, from research, production, to making a film for new starters so the young people get a meaningful intervention.

“Alongside this, she has set up a weekly psychosocial supervision group for all staff delivering this intervention, so they get appropriate guidance and support to do this work. Keeley is reliable, punctual, and available to the team.

“Keeley works with our most vulnerable young people, if engagement is challenging, she finds different ways to make it easier for them. Keeley never gives up, she is kind, persistent and determined.

“One young person discharged from another hospital struggled to get to the team base and for over a year Keeley travelled every week (and continues to do so) to the furthest part of the county and has gradually built-up trust to do some effective work with the young person.”


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Published: 18 March 2024