No chill factor for Rob!

When a community nurse got in trouble in the snow on Sunday, operations manager Rob Avis from the South-West Integrated Locality Team didn’t hesitate to jump in his Landover and hurry to help.

No chill factor for Rob!

“It so happened that the nurse was stuck only about half an hour from where I live, so I offered to take my Landrover to pull her out. Once we pulled her car back onto the road, I drove in front until we reached tarmac, although I did have to help another lady on the way! The nurse was very brave once she was mobile again, and very competent in the tricky driving conditions, so well done to her,” Rob said.

He added:

“On a serious note, this weather is extremely challenging for all community staff with patients waiting for them to visit to support their care. I think we need to offer support in the form of some special training around how to drive confidently and safely in poor road conditions.”

Rob’s rather summery attire (in the pic) has nothing to do with him rushing to help nurses in distress. He explained:

“For the past 3+ years I have only worn shorts apart from maybe two more formal occasions. I didn’t feel cold at all!”

And his take on the Sunday rescue mission:

“Old Landrovers are often just very expensive toys, which their owners like me get very excited to go out with and use as soon as it snows, so really I was just playing in the snow!”

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Published: 12 December 2022