After 18 months of assessment and peer review, three of Oxford Health’s mental health wards for older people have now been awarded the Royal College of Psychiatrists Accreditation for Inpatient and Mental Health Services (AIMS). The Amber Ward at the Whiteleaf Centre, and the Sandford and Cherwell wards at the Fulbrook Centre are now all officially AIMS accredited.

The accreditation demonstrates that the quality of care on the wards meets stringent national guidelines and standards, and according to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the “AIMS process is increasingly being recognised as one of the very best tools currently available to produce improvements that make a meaningful difference to those that either provide or receive care in psychiatric wards.”

Tara Rahim, modern matron for Amber ward, said  “It is fantastic to receive the AIMS accreditation award . AIMS considered Amber ward to offer a timely and purposeful admission in a safe and therapeutic environment.”

Stella Godwin-Malife, Amber ward manager,  said “It was really motivating (to receive the award), and it shows how hard the staff on Amber ward work! Its great to see this work recognised.”