QI Hub activities

How will the QI Hub achieve its aims?

The QI hub will:

  • Identify directorate QI priorities
  • Identify QI projects in line with priorities
  • Review proposed QI projects to ensure that duplication of effort is not made
  • Identify senior directorate colleague to sponsor QI projects
  • Identify wards/services within areas of priority to progress QI projects
  • Nominate colleagues to attend QI training with protected time to progress projects
  • Provide QI training to nominated project teams facilitated by OHI colleagues.
  • Monitor progress of projects
  • Receive updates and project presentations from QI project teams
  • Provide QI consultation, support and guidance for projects
  • Continuously review the sustainability and embedding of change from identified/ completed projects
  • Share learning from the project development and outcome within the directorate, wider Trust and beyond!

Page last reviewed: 30 November, 2021