Level 3 training

Level 3 QI Training is two and a half days of in person training for those who want to lead in QI across the organisation.  This training aims to create local coaches and sponsors of QI that can support their QI hubs and coach others through their projects.

Part of this training requires the delegate to complete a QI competency framework and objectives, including supporting QI projects, provision of QI training, undertake a coaching conversation and attendance at QI hubs.

The course will be delivered using a combination of presentations, coaching simulation workshops and group discussions.  All activities will be facilitated by the OHI team with opportunities for networking and interprofessional learning through collaborative working with peers.

The training is open to all bandings and professions with a working knowledge of QI/have previously participated in QI work and want to develop skills and support others with their projects..

For dates of Level 3 QI training and how to apply, please login to your trust learning and development online training record.


Page last reviewed: 28 November, 2023