The immunisations your child needs

An introduction to immunisations (Institute of Health Visiting: Childhood-immunisations An-introduction-to-childhood-immunisations

NHS children’s immunisations: The complete routine immunisation schedule from February 2022 (

Children’s immunisations & screening tests: Vaccinations & Newborn Screening Tests | Baby | Start for Life (

Routine Immunisation video – for infants up to one year – Health Publications

Routine immunisations at one year – video – Health Publications

Independent information about childhood vaccines can be found here: Home | Vaccine Knowledge Project (

Frequently asked questions about immunisations

Childhood immunisations FAQ Institute of Health Visiting: Childhood-immunisations-2-Frequenly-asked-questions-


Measles is a potentially fatal disease and we are seeing a resurgence of it nationally. The best way to protect your child is through the MMR immunisation. Please see our video below about vaccine safety, along with further information here: Home | Vaccine Knowledge Project (

Measles – NHS (

Measles | Vaccine Knowledge Project (

Vaccine safety

Independent information about immunisations & vaccine safety, can be found here: Vaccine side effects and adverse reactions | Vaccine Knowledge Project (

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