All of the income from this self-pay ketamine service is used to fund NHS care within Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.  The service is part of OHFT’s clinical innovation strategy.

Item Fee
Initial assessment appointment with psychiatrist £225
Each intravenous ketamine infusion £225
Oral ketamine titration session in clinic £225
Each 100ml bottle of oral ketamine (10mg/ml) irrespective of amount in the bottle £60
Shipping costs of oral ketamine £8
Each prescription of oral ketamine £12
Scheduled review with psychiatrist, irrespective of duration (up to 30 minutes) £100
Preparation and Integration therapy groups £10 per session
Psychodynamic psychotherapy group £20 per session
Spravato (nasal esketamine) 56mg dose – each administration £551
Spravato (nasal esketamine) 84mg dose – each administration: £714

Making payments

Oral ketamine

Payments for oral ketamine and shipping

You should make these directly to PCCA.

You will need to pay PCCA directly for the cost of the oral medication and the shipping.

PCCA must receive payment before they will ship the medication, in the same way as if you were paying for medicines at your local, or online, pharmacy.

All other payments

All other payments

For all other payments, we will send you an email with a link to the system.

The link for each purchase is unique and applies only to that purchase.

You must pay, using the link, at least two working days before your appointment.

Cancellation policies

If you do not come to your appointment, and do not give us adequate notice, we cannot reallocate it to another patient. Please contact us as soon as you know you cannot attend.

Email is best as it avoids misunderstanding: or phone 01865 902 522.

Treatments and assessments

If you give us less than 2 working days’ notice, we will charge you 50%.

If you miss an assessment or treatment appointment and you have not let us know that you will not be coming, we will charge you the full cost.

Further treatment or assessment will not be possible until we receive your payment.  We have a policy of pursuing all outstanding amounts.

Cancellation policy: Preparation and Integration Therapy Groups

If you have booked a session, you will be charged regardless of whether you attend or not. It is possible to cancel sessions by getting in touch with the clinic up to 24 hours before the session.

Cancellation policy: Psychodynamic psychotherapy group

Once you have started therapy in this group, it is expected that you will attend each session. You will therefore be charged regardless of whether you attend or not. This does not apply for planned therapy breaks.

Non-urgent advice: Downloadable information

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Page last reviewed: 8 March, 2024