If you suspect stroke, don’t hesitate

OSRU urges seeking help if you see FAST signs

If you suspect stroke, don’t hesitate

Staff at the Oxfordshire Stroke Rehabilitation Unit (OSRU) want to urge anyone who thinks they might be experiencing a stroke, to call 999.
“There is national concern that because of the Coronavirus pandemic, people may not be seeking urgent help when they need it, says clinical lead physiotherapist Emma Garratt from OSRU.

Stroke is a medical emergency and people experiencing symptoms need urgent assessment by specialist professionals. The common signs of stroke include facial droop, slurred speech and arm weakness. The FAST test, as outlined by the Stroke Association, can help identify these:

• Face – is the face drooping/fallen on one side? Can they smile?
• Arms – can they raise both arms and keep them there?
• Speech – is it slurred?
• Time to call an ambulance if you see any of the above signs

“Hospitals in the NHS are equipped and ready to receive stroke patients, so please call 999 if you or a member of your family are experiencing symptoms. We are here for you,” Emma says.

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Published: 8 April 2020