Look out for your postcard offering free talking therapy

It's just one of the ways we're encouraging people to talk about free NHS mental health care this Time To Talk Day

Look out for your postcard offering free talking therapy

Postal deliveries across Oxfordshire are bringing hope and relief to people concerned about their mental health.

Oxfordshire NHS Talking Therapies, the new name for TalkingSpace Plus, can help people struggling with feelings of depression, excessive worry, social anxiety, post-traumatic stress or obsessions and compulsions.

Postcards featuring key contact details are dropping through letterboxes and onto doormats this month.

The cards are easy to save on the fridge or noticeboard. They highlight how people can get effective, confidential and free treatments delivered by trained clinicians, online, on the phone or in person.

Sam Sadler, Deputy Clinical Lead and Consultant Clinical Psychologist at Oxfordshire Talking Therapies, said:

“If you’re struggling with feelings of depression or anxiety, seeking help through NHS Talking Therapies service can be one of the best steps you can take to overcome mental health issues and get back on track.

“Postcards are being delivered to people across Oxfordshire at the moment. I would urge everyone to take the opportunity to talk about mental health with their friends, family and loved ones, and reach out for support.

“Your GP can refer you or you can refer yourself online via the Oxfordshire Talking Therapies website.”

Learn more

Find out more about NHS Talking Therapies, and self-refer to free expert NHS care.

In Oxfordshire visit NHS Oxfordshire Talking Therapies www.oxon-talking-therapies.nhs.uk.

In Buckinghamshire visit NHS Buckinghamshire Talking Therapies www.bucks-talking-therapies.nhs.uk.

NHS Talking Therapies can help provide support and treatment for common mental health problems, such as feeling anxious

  • feeling low and hopeless
  • having panic attacks
  • finding it hard to cope with work, life or relationships
  • struggling with flashbacks or nightmares about upsetting events from your past
  • feeling stressed
  • worrying a lot
  • obsessive thoughts or behaviours
  • fear of social situations
  • being afraid of things, such as spiders, flying or heights (phobias)

The service can also provide support and people experiencing poor mental health and living with a long-term physical health condition, and where people’s mental health is affecting their employment.

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Published: 1 February 2024