Trust’s exceptional people take peer led award

Trust’s exceptional people take peer led award

Oxford Heath’s Claire Webster and Lizzie Coss, winners of the Exceptional People Awards for August and September respectively, have each received their award certificates as a thank you from their own co-workers.

Claire and Lizzie were nominated by their colleagues, and further selected by a governor panel, based on the real difference they have made to the people they work with and to patients.

Claire, relatively new in post as a team lead in Oxford, was singled out for her supportive attitude and leadership abilities. Lauded for having a great sense of humour, Claire is credited for her ability to direct and lead effectively and for having an approach that puts “the patient first in everything we do.” Earlier in 2017 Claire presented on the subject of female genital mutilation (FGM) to the 19th biennial School Nurses International Conference in San Francisco, California. Her award recognises her as she “flies the flag high” for the trust’s service.

Lizzie, a clinical development lead with South West district nurse teams, was described by her peers as truly inspirational in her efforts to improve staff wellbeing. Working with facilities, operational managers and finance, Lizzie led two new initiatives: firstly, to increase car parking spaces by 25 on the Abingdon Hospital site by utilising waste land. Secondly she recognised the importance of a space away from the office where staff could have a break and their lunch. She also led a new innovative preceptorship programme for new recruits, resulting in her vacancies lowering from 60 per cent, at the time of her arrival, to below 10 per cent today.

She was described by one of her colleagues as “a lioness in her team, guarding her cubs, an excellent role model for us all.”

Lizzie said: “When I found out that my colleagues had nominated me for an award I was a bit shocked, but really touched. I work with a fantastic team of people, all of whom are award winning in my view.”

Every month we recognise and reward a team or staff member that has made a real difference to the trust, our people and our patients. Nominations are welcome from staff, service users, patients, or friends and family of service users and patients. If you would like to nominate someone exceptional you can download a form here.

Published: 15 January 2018