Patients visiting Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust will soon see a special inspirational artwork thanks to Damien Hirst.

The Trust has just taken delivery of one of a limited edition of Butterfly Rainbow – a bright print on aluminium featuring butterfly wings. It has been provided to NHS trusts across the UK free of charge as well as being sold to raise money.

In May 2020, Damien Hirst created Butterfly Rainbow to show support for the NHS in the Coronavirus crisis. The work is made up of bands of coloured butterfly wings, one of the artist’s best‐known motifs.

A limited edition of the work was produced with all profits donated to NHS Charities Together, raising a total of £1,508,172.

Damien Hirst said: “I wanted to do something to support the many people who are risking their lives to help those in need during this time of crisis.

“The rainbow is a sign of hope and I’m so pleased to have released these prints to help fund the brilliant work being done by NHS staff across the country.”

Kerry Rogers, Oxford Health’s Director of Corporate Affairs and exec lead for the charity, said: “It is really good to know that art and artists like Damien Hirst plays a role in raising awareness and money for the NHS at such an important time.”

Tom Cox, Oxford Health’s Artscape Project Manager, said: “Art plays a big role in the work we do as it provides inspiration and enjoyment as well as brightening up the wards.

“We were delighted to receive our own Butterfly Rainbow and are seeking out the best place for it so that it can be seen and enjoyed.

“The exact location for the artwork is still be decided – we have just one Butterfly Rainbow but lots of facilities across a wide area. But we will find a location where it will definitely be seen and bring happiness and, for those that can’t see it in person we will be sharing it on social media.”