Oxford Health Arts Partnership works across all areas of the Trust. Some projects may only last for an afternoon or a day but some also last longer. They also produce artwork that leaves a lasting legacy in spaces around the Trust. The following are examples of the types of activities that the OHAP facilitate.

Green spaces and outdoor art

A sample of projects from around the Trust:

Highfield Unit, Warneford Hospital

Three mosaics have been installed at the Highfield Unit, a unit for young people with mental health difficulties. One hangs over the door to the unit and was based on drawings by young people who were residents during the summer and they completed the artwork over a week. Two others, one of a cow and an another of an elephant, are situated in the garden and were also co-produced with young people.


Littlemore Hospital

The outside areas have been restored and butterfly murals have been added outside the new staff restroom areas.

An image of a butterfly from the Littlemore Hospital garden.

Forensic Services, Littlemore

Here the areas have been restored and revived to turn them into usable meeting spaces and areas to grow herbs and plants.

Garden artwork and seating area at Littlemore hospital.







Saffron House, High Wycombe

Improvements have been made to the outside space with the help of service users.

Oxford Stroke Rehabilitation Unit, Abingdon Hospital

Artwork has been added to a covered seating area which is available for all staff and visitors to use.

Abingdon Hospital

A Peace and Tranquility garden has been installed thanks to help from staff and volunteers.

An image of a raised garden bed in the Littlemore Hospital garden.

Around trust buildings

Oxford Stroke Rehabilitation Unit, Abingdon Hospital

A lakeside scene has been painted on a wall by Artist in Residence Dionne Freeman. She works with staff and patients to discuss their ideas and to help them to visualise their thoughts.

A lakeside scene mural at the Oxford Health Stroke Rehabilitation Unit lakeside scene

Staff Room, Witney Hospital

A wall painting featuring butterflies, clapping hands, a superhero face mask, and a rainbow now adorn the wall in the staff room. These themes were chosen through consultation with staff and the piece is designed to be uplifting and to reflect the tireless work of NHS staff.

A mural in the staff room at Witney Community Hospital to thank and celebrate NHS staff featuring rainbows, clapping hands and butterflies.

Abbey Ward, Abingdon Hospital

Dionne Freeman also produced a large mural of a local riverside scene depicting boats, walkers and trees. This is featured on a wall in the day room and was produced with input from patients and staff who shared their memories, some of which were included in the finished piece. Two of the dogs featured in the scene belonged to patients and a staff member’s father is also shown wearing his flat cap.

Children’s Minor Injuries Unit, Abingdon

A seaside mural is now featured in the children’s waiting area and continues into the treatment zone. It has proved to be a big hit with staff and children alike  This was co-produced with staff from the unit and features local landmarks. It has proved a big hit with staff and children alike.


For staff

Projects dedicated to the wellbeing of staff.


Healthfest is an annual event that takes place at the Trust.  Spread over the space of a month it offers opportunities for staff to take a break and be involved in self-care sessions. As part of this festival OHAP deliver a variety of workshops, ranging from origami, art for wellbeing and dance.


Angela Conlan (pictured on the left), is the Project Lead for OHAP also continues to co-lecture on the Oxford Health Dementia Care MSc module and also deliver online training for community staff on creative ideas for nonpharmacological interventions.

Angela Conlan, Oxford Health Arts Partnership Project Lead stands on the left.

Mental health wards

Activities to help those suffering with poor mental health:

Littlemore Hospital and the Fulbrook Centre, Churchill Hospital

OHAP facilitated a visit by the Orchestra of St Johns (OSJ) who hosted a series of mini concerts for patients on the mental health wards at Littlemore Hospital and the Fulbrook Centre, bringing joy and entertainment to those on our wards. The OSJ aims to bring orchestral music of the highest quality to a wide range of different audiences, especially to those who don’t have easy access to it.

Fulbrook Centre

A partnership with Ajos Dance who deliver creative movement sessions to increase mood for both staff and service users.

Older Adults

Projects to keep older adults engaged during their stay

Spending prolonged periods of time in hospital can have a detrimental effect on people if they have no stimulus other than watching television. Being engaged with a creative project can help to distract them from the clinical setting.

The OHAP team are commissioned by the Community Hospitals to visit the wards to deliver arts programmes specifically designed for older people. This can include dance and movement, drawing, painting and mosaicking.

They also work with partners, such as Gardens, Libraries and Museums to run object handling and reminiscence sessions in the community hospitals. These could be centred around a number of areas including using clothing and accessories from yesteryear to stimulate discussion on how people use to dress or objects related to school days to spark recollections of their formative years.

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Page last reviewed: 23 March, 2023