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Style Acre at work

Style Acre is totally committed to Total Communication. In fact the chief executive officer, Kate Liddle, practiced for many years as a speech and language therapist, and this background informs the organisation’s approach to supporting people with learning disabilities.

We are extremely proud of the services we offer and our truly person-centred approaches to planning and delivering services. Style Acre recognises that how we relate to others and share experiences is central to who we are. We respect the diverse ways in which people we support communicate and train our staff to respond to these individual needs.

Style Acre at work

From the minute staff start to work for us, communication is highlighted as being core to what we do. Induction training focuses on how people communicate and how we can assist and develop these skills. Our staff are encouraged to be creative and to seek help when it is needed.

Style Acre has joined Oxfordshire Total Communication Partnership to ensure that people with learning disabilities have access to all possible resources to enable them to communicate with others. We want to share in good practice and be part of developing a network with a common goal – “Communication for All”.

For further information about Style Acre please see our website (above)

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Page last reviewed: 14 August, 2017