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Which clinicians work in the Post Covid Service?

Doctors specialising in Respiratory Medicine

Many patients with Long-COVID struggle with breathlessness and find that they can no longer exercise normally. The respiratory doctor will evaluate the full extent of your symptoms but if breathlessness is a particular issue, they will ensure that there are not alternative explanations for this. This may involve a breathing test (‘lung function’), you will be given a separate appointment for this test. They may also arrange a chest x-ray or other form of imaging, if not already undertaken.

Doctors specialising in Rehabilitation and Sports and Exercise Medicine

There are many other complex symptoms associated with long-COVID that can impact on your daily function and ability to work. A Rehabilitation Medicine specialist will be able to explore the causes for your symptoms and help form a plan alongside other health professionals to manage these.

A doctor specialising in Psychological Medicine

Ongoing symptoms are a cause for concern and may sometimes be distressing. Where indicated, a Psychological Medicine Specialist will see you to assess possible depression, anxiety and other problems that may be contributing to your illness. This assessment may be based on a discussion they will have with you or questionnaires they may ask you to complete.

Physiotherapists specialising in breathlessness and rehabilitation

Many people can feel ongoing breathlessness after having Covid. A physiotherapist will assess your symptoms and the impact that they are having and provide advice regarding management.

Occupational Therapists specialising in fatigue and vocational support

Many people can feel ongoing fatigue and ‘brain fog’ after having covid. An Occupational Therapist will assess your symptoms and the impact they are having and provide advice regarding management strategies.

A Psychologist specialising in symptom management and rehabilitation

The symptoms of long-COVID affect people in different ways. A psychologist can work with you to identify psychological and behavioural strategies to help reduce the impact of symptoms and improve functioning and wellbeing and guide you towards recovery.

Post-Covid Specialist Nurse

Working alongside the multidisciplinary team, the post-COVID nurse provides assessment and support for patients as well as assists in the coordination of care within the hospital and community setting.

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Page last reviewed: 24 October, 2022