How can I cost my research?

Generally, for Clinical Trials of Investigational Medicinal Products (CTIMPs), device and interventional clinical research studies, there will be some costs associated with running the study. The cost of commercial trials are often calculated using the (NIHR) Standard Industry Costing Template. Non-commercial study costs templates will be developed by Research and Development Finance, based on the funding requirements.
When costing a study, there are a number of things to consider:

  • the interventions
  • time taken for each intervention and the frequency of visits
  • number of participants
  • type of resource required (nurses, doctors, research assistants)
  • requirement for scans, data entry, CRF completion and trial coordination
  • Use of the Clinical Research Facility
  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP) monitoring
  • pharmacy and R&D set up costs
  • code breaking services
  • travel costs (staff and participants) and participant refreshments
  • archiving costs
  • CTA application fee

Once your study has been approved for development by the research pipeline group, please contact Research and Development finance, who will support your costing and ensure a consistent approach, and obtaining the Trust’s financial approval.
Study process summary

As soon as you have an idea of the cost required, please contact Research and Development Finance, who will help to support your costing and obtain Trust financial approval.  All costs require Trust approval before to submission.
Researchers need to follow the process outlined below to gain Trust approval, and to develop and submit a grant application either as a lead site or as part of another site’s grant application.
The allowable costs for inclusion in a grant application are usually governed by guidance issued by the relevant funding organisations. When costing for a grant application there are a number of things to consider, these include:

  • Staff required
  • Any partner Organisation
  • Duration of study
  • Type of resource required (nurses, doctors, research assistants)
  • Statistical services, databases, health economist, randomisation
  • Use of the Clinical Research Facility – Please contact the Clinical Research Facility for approval.
  • Travel costs (staff and participants) and participant refreshments
  • PPI – Public and Patient Involvement
  • ACoRD process

For more details about how we will process your data from the grant registration form please see the Trust HR Privacy Notice

Grant approval process summary

Flow chart illustrating OHFT Grant Approval Process

Attributing the costs of health and social care Research & Development (ACoRD)
When costing for a study or grant application consideration should be given to the split between research costs, service support costs, treatment and excess treatment costs as outlined in the following ACoRD guidance.
Help with Research and Development Finance
For all studies and grant applications you should contact one of the following: Head of Research and Development Finance, Research and Development Accountant or the Research and Development Finance manager .
Research and Development are in the process of developing finance training: if you are interested please contact the Research and Development Finance manager.
Grant registration form
Download the grant proposal registration form (needs MS Word), complete and return to the  Research and Development Finance manager to apply for a grant.

Page last reviewed: 20 March, 2024