Staying in a Community Hospital

You have probably being admitted to your local community hospital as the next stage of your care and to help plan either your discharge home, or to another care setting. We always aim to admit you to your nearest community hospital, so you can be as close to home as possible, although if this is not possible we will look to admit you to your nearest alternative.

The hospital staff will work closely with you and your family at the start of your admission to plan your next stage of care and a predicted date of discharge will be identified and worked towards. All plans around your discharge will be agreed with you, your family and members of health and social care staff who might be involved in providing you any ongoing treatment and support.

We believe that all patients should bre treated with dignity and respect and in an environment which maintains personal privacy and protects modesty. All of our wards are mixed sex, but you will be looked after in either separate male or female rooms or bays and will have your own toilet and washing facilities.

Please remember if you are being admitted to one of our hospitals to bring anything special to your needs; dentures, walking stick or frame, hearing aid, continence aids, special shoes, spectacles and any appointment cards you may have. Please also remember to bring  all medicines, tablets or creams that you are using.

We strongly advise that you do not bring large sums of money or valuables into hospital with you. However, if this is unavoidable then please ensure that you hand these over to a member of staff when you arrive who can arrange their safe keeping for you during your stay.

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Page last reviewed: 6 December, 2023