Meet the team

Our Team is made up of Lived Experience Tutors (people who have lived experience of mental health challenges) and mental health professionals. The team is ever growing and if you would like to get involved then please do get in contact.

Joseph Sullivan-Jerez

Acting Lead/coordinator of Buckinghamshire Recovery College

Hello and welcome. My name is Joseph. My background is in acute emergency medicine. Joining the British army at 18 years old and serving for over a decade. Following this I went on to work for the Emergency ambulance service for a number of years. Since 2021 I have been working in forensic and community mental health services for the last two years. I now look forward to my future with Buckinghamshire recovery college.

I’m really excited and proud to be given this exciting opportunity to share my knowledge experience with students and staff in order to provide a College  setting which will inspire and educate and build  resilience, courage and fortitude.

I am hoping that the college will provide meaningful courses which  will enable, empower and provide hope through empathy, unconditional positive regard and congruence to students.

The college is open to Service Users, carers,  family members and professionals. I hope that the courses available will enable students to develop and  forge a connection within the community setting where they live and re-establish their identity by their strengths, qualities, skills and assets and not be defined by their illness.

Recovery is a journey not a destination and with this in mind I hope that the college will be the guiding compass where students can learn to plan, navigate,  learn and consolidate new and existing tools to help successfully navigate their journey.

Page last reviewed: 19 March, 2024