CAMHS Referrals (Single Point of Access)

The Single Point of Access (SPA) team serves as the front door for Buckinghamshire CAMHS.

We aim to reduce and remove barriers to anyone seeking mental health advice and support for young people (up to 18).

Non-urgent advice: Contact details

Buckinghamshire CAMHS can be contacted by phone or email.

Referral criteria

There is no set criteria to make contact with the SPA service and all routes of referral and consultation requests into SPA are accepted.

There is no referral criteria for Buckinghamshire CAMHs SPA only that we will seek to support all CYP, families and professionals where there is concern regarding the emotional wellbeing of any young person up to their 18th Birthday. Including young person self-referral 16+years.

Calls and enquiries from any individual, including young people who may want to find out about the Service or who are worried about their mental health or wellbeing will be accepted.

If a young person needs help we will talk with them about involving their parents or other key adults in a timely manner. We will never turn away any young person who is asking for help and will engage them with the service or help them to get the support they need elsewhere.

PPEP care sessions

These free Psychological Perspectives in Education and Primary (PPEP) training sessions have been designed to help staff in primary care and education to recognise and understand mental health difficulties in children and young people, and offer appropriate support and guidance to children, young people and their families.

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Page last reviewed: 12 January, 2024