Helping my family

Communicating with family and friends

Communicating with friends and family about mental health depends on the extent of their knowledge and acceptance of mental health.

It also depends on what you and your child feel comfortable with people knowing.

You don’t have to tell everyone the full extent of the situation if you and your child are not comfortable with it.

Explaining that the child is having a tough time or how they are feeling, and what the family member/ friend can do to help or what not to do is sometimes the best thing to do.

With siblings it is a little different, depending on their age, but you could explain that their sibling is feeling a bit low and that they are getting help from a group of people who want to help make them feel better.

Is there any support for my other children?

There are lots of people and organisations that offer support and advice.

Visit our Young Carers page for a list of organisations that can help you on your areas.

How do I cope with people trying to help?

Coping with people trying to help can be hard.

However, the best thing to do when you have a child with mental health issues is to accept help.

This is because speaking about how you are feeling will give you a better mindset.

To help your child with their mental health issues, it’s better that your own mental health is in the best possible condition.

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Page last reviewed: 8 March, 2023