Face to face with loved ones – despite the lockdown

Free-of-charge loan of tablet computers a ‘revolution’ to patient experience at OSRU

Face to face with loved ones – despite the lockdown

Patients at Oxfordshire Stroke Rehabilitation Unit (OSRU) can now keep in touch with their loved ones on Facetime, thanks to the loan of 14 iPads, free of charge, by the London-based company Tablet Rentals. www.tablet-rentals.co.uk

Much of Tablet-Rentals business is to provide audio-visual equipment for events.

“When the pandemic started evolving, all events were of course cancelled and we realised we are not going to be doing anything for the time being,” says director Jamie Galliers from Tablet-Rentals.

“Like many other businesses and people, we really wanted to do something, and well, we don’t make PPE, but we do have our technology. When Emma Garrett from OSRU dropped us a note, we 100 per cent wanted to do it.”

Since then his company has provided iPads to another NHS organisation in Aintree. Both them and OSRU can use the equipment as long as the no visitor policy and lockdown goes on.

“If one of my relatives was in hospital, I would find it very, very hard not be able to visit,” says Jamie.

“I hope that being able to communicate with family and friends on Facetime will help with recovery and give people a lift. Technology is something we can use to alleviate loneliness.”

He added: “Everyone at Tablet Rentals sends all staff at OSRU and across the hospital all our very best wishes. Please know you are doing an amazing job!”

Jamie needn’t wonder about the effect of his gift at all.

“These tablets have been revolutionary in the service,” says Emma Garrett, clinical lead physiotherapist at the OSRU.

“They enable patients to stay connected with their loved ones through video calls, provide entertainment for patients who are isolated in hospital and support rehabilitation through the use of online tools,” she said.

“The whole team are extremely grateful for Tablet-Rentals’ generosity and would like to thank them on behalf of the service and our patients.”

OSRU is a 20-bed inpatient unit based at Abingdon Community Hospital. They provide a short period of inpatient rehabilitation for people who have had a stroke, are registered with an Oxfordshire GP and are not able to be discharged directly home from hospital. See the service pages here

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Published: 27 April 2020