Surprise DAISY for children’s nurse Emma

Congratulations to Emma Cropper – another recent winner of the prestigious DAISY award.

Surprise DAISY for children’s nurse Emma

The DAISY Awards is an international recognition programme that honours and celebrates the skilful and compassionate care provided by nurses and midwives each day.

Emma, a registered children’s nurse, was surprised by Chief Nurse Britta Klink at a team meeting at Raglan House, Oxford.

She explained: “At our regular Tuesday meeting we were told we had a guest later and, towards the end, Britta came in with a tray of cinnamon buns.

“She told us about the DAISY award and said that there was a winner in the room. As there was only two nurses in the room at that time I looked at my colleague and was feeling really pleased that she had won… except it turned out the winner was me!”

Emma was nominated by a family who were grateful for the help and support she had given their child. The nomination said that Emma had gone above and beyond to make sure their child had the right help and support during a ‘very difficult and scary time’.

Emma said: “Quite honestly it was a massive surprise. I knew as soon as Britta read out the nomination which family it was and I was really proud as the young person had come so far in the time they had been with us. I did their discharge later that day so it really was special.”

Oxford Health employs around 2,000 nurses who are eligible to be nominated. You can find out more about the awards, and make a nomination, here:

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Published: 28 March 2024