Here is some of the feedback we have received from previous patients of our service and the referrers.

Patient feedback

“It has been eye opening, to look at my childhood, what wasn’t right, what shouldn’t have happened to me and have someone listen. I haven’t felt rushed, and it makes me think I don’t want the same for my kids.”


“I think they have been absolutely brilliant. I wasn’t too sure about it to start with, but I thought I would give it a try – ‘it can’t be that bad’ but it wasn’t that bad at all! At first when I got referred, I thought “why am I being targeted” but now I see why.


“My therapist has been incredibly patient and understanding with me. There was a time when my first child was a baby, I emotionally neglected her, I didn’t understand her cues, I was so depressed. It’s been a very enlightening experience learning how to fix that and that it is never too late to fix it.”


“I know I struggle with my emotions and opening up. With time, my therapist is helping me work on this”.


Referrer feedback

“Your interventions have helped families stay together,”

Social worker

“Its a fantastic service for our parents and families to access.”

Health visitor

“ReConnect have provided some very much needed emotional support to a mum and her family, helping her through a really difficult time.”

Family nurse partnership

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Page last reviewed: 29 April, 2024