Student Support

Our students come from all walks of life and success can be anything from getting out more and meeting new friends, to gaining new knowledge or self-management skills. The college celebrates the lived experience of everyone (tutors as well as students) and recognises that we all have the ability to change and grow.

Buckinghamshire Recovery College is committed to providing accessible and inclusive services across Buckinghamshire. We have a variety of venues from which we run courses in different geographical areas to make them accessible to as many people as possible.

Non-urgent advice: Individual Learning Plan

We encourage students to complete an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) with a student adviser which will help you decide what you want out of Buckinghamshire Recovery College.

Completing an Individual Learning Plan will help you identify your learning milestones based on your hopes and ambitions. It will help you choose courses that will best support you to reach those goals and help you monitor your progress.

You can discuss any support you may need before the start of your course. This can either be done through your ILP or through a discussion with the college co-ordinator when you enrol. Please let us know of any learning, mobility or sensory challenges when registering so we can do everything possible to ensure your time at the college is both rewarding and successful.

Buckinghamshire Recovery College continues to develop strong links with a wide range of other organisations to better support our students when they are ready to move on and many of these organisations can provide a diverse and varied selection of recovery resources including books, leaflets and associated materials for short-term loans.

Page last reviewed: 16 December, 2022