Support for carers

Providing you with the support you need

At Cotswold House, we aim to support families and carers as much as possible, including allocating secondary nurses for all inpatients and day patients, as well as offering family therapy.

Our patients all have individualised care plans, and we understand that families and carers also have individual needs.  If you are concerned about a friend or family member and would like them to access our services, their first point of contact should be their GP.

Friends & Family Meeting

We facilitate a monthly group for the Friends and Family of those suffering from an eating disorder.  Your loved one does not have to be a patient with us for you to attend the group; it is free and open to all.

The group meets on the 3rd Saturday of the month from 11am – 12.30pm in Seminar Room 1 at Savernake Hospital.  Refreshments are available.  If you would like any further information please contact us on 01865 904402.

Details of the meetings can be also be found on the notice board at our ward entrance.  If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please pass your details to a member of staff.  We have created some Group Guidelines for our Friends and Family Group, so that new members know what to expect.

Carers Workshops

We will be running several skills based workshops, aimed at those supporting and living with somebody with an eating disorder.  For further information, please contact the office manager on 01865 902534.

Carer Information Guide

As part of our admission process, carers will receive an Friends & Family Guide which details many aspects of the ward and treatment.

Secondary Nurse Role

As part of a person’s care team, the secondary nurse role is specifically for family communication and support.  The secondary nurse will contact carers/family shortly after admission.  They are the first point of contact for any concerns, queries, support or information.  While the secondary nurse may not always have permission to share details of treatment, they are always able to listen.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy is available to all families of patients receiving treatment at Cotswold House.  It is also available for individuals, couples and other people who may be involved with a patients care.

Family therapy is important in the recovery of eating disorders as it is a condition that affects family life and relationships.  The aim of family therapy is to help families find constructive ways of helping each other that may not have previously existed.  The purpose is to identify problems which may arise and support change to promote progress towards recovery.

Family therapy is not about ‘treating’ or blaming the family/relations of those with an eating disorder; it is about supporting both sufferers and those who they are in contact with and demonstrating their role in aiding and assisting prolonged recovery.

Carers’ Rights

Under guidance in working with families, you are entitled to information about the illness, treatment options and what to do in a crisis.  You are also entitled to information regarding support for yourself and other family members, information about Carers Assessments and information on other organisations that may be of help.

If the person you are supporting consents to their treatment information and progress being shared with you, you can have an active role in Care Programme Approach, discharge planning and care planning.

If the person you are supporting does not consent to information being shared you can still share your views about treatment, but progress/options may not be shared with you.  You always have the right to be listened to.

Carers’ Assessments

A Carers Assessment is your one legal right as a carer.  It involves individual time with you talking through your caring role and seeing if anything can be done to support you.  The responsibility of completing Carers Assessments lies with community teams; as such we do not complete Carers Assessments within our service but can refer you for one.  The NHS Choices website offers more information about Carer’s Assessments.

Carers’ Trust

Carers support is a national organisation that supports anyone in a caring role; they usually have a specific mental health support worker and can give you support regarding your caring role and can inform you of your rights and anything you may be entitled to. You can usually access pampering sessions, days out and support groups.  The government’s national archives has more information on Carer’s Rights.

Page last reviewed: 15 April, 2019