Adult Community Eating Disorder Service

Photo showing signs at Warneford Hospital.

Cotswold House Oxford first opened in 1994 offering day and outpatient services. We provide community support for adults with eating disorders who need help and advice from our multidisciplinary team.  The team provides psychological assessment and therapy, dietetic advice and can help with shopping and meal planning depending on individual needs and decisions made during the initial assessment process.

The team will work alongside existing health professionals to ensure that everyone involved is kept informed with diagnosis, treatment and progress.

Specialist assessment and treatment

We provide specialist assessment and treatment for adult patients with eating disorders, registered with an Oxfordshire GP.  To ensure that we can offer individually tailored treatment packages that address both the physical and psychological aspects of an eating disorder our multi-disciplinary teams consists of a family therapist, specialist nurses, psychiatrist, dietician, occupational therapists, psychologists and administrative staff.

The team also provides additional services to other health professionals such as training and supervision. A regular Friends and Family Group is available to offer support, help and advice via our inpatient unit, Cotswold House, Oxford. Where individuals are referred from Child & Adolescent Services, we work closely to ensure a smooth transition, offering specific sessions to family members to help them understand how adult services work.

For further information about how to refer patients to our service, please visit our how to refer page.

Page last reviewed: 18 January, 2023