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New members are always welcome to join Oxford Health.

Membership is free and carries no obligations.

There are many ways how you can get involved and help improve your local NHS services.

You help us make things better

The trust board depends on the membership to keep them in touch with what’s needed in our hospitals and services. Our members help us discover how best to improve services, making sure that we put patients’ and local communities’ needs first.

Membership is free and everyone over 12 years old, living in England and Wales, is welcome to join. You have no obligations as a member but there are lots of ways to get involved.

Message from Trust Chair David Walker

Making a difference where you live

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust operates across Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Swindon, Wiltshire, Bath and North East Somerset.

With the range of services Oxford Health provides – community hospitals, mental health services, school nurses, speech and language therapy, health visitors, dentistry, and talking therapy – it is likely that nearly everyone in our region has a stake in the future of the trust. And by signing up you can show your support to the services you value.

Become a member

Have a say in how your local services are developed.

Why become a member?

There are many reasons to join Oxford Health.

Top five reasons to join

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Membership Matters

Membership Matters is our monthly magazine. Sign up as a member to get it straight to your inbox!

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Membership Matters 2021

What they say

“I became a member because I’m a carer for my son. I wanted to meet people who know and care about mental health care. It’s important for me to feel that I am doing my bit; that I support the people who work here.”

Pat Ross

Member Pat Ross

Who can be a member?

Anyone at least 12 years old and living in England and Wales is welcome to join our Trust.

If you work for us, you are automatically a member unless you opt out.

Membership categories

Patient constituency

You can represent this constituency if you:

  • have used any of our services as a patient or service user within the five years immediately preceding the date of application
  • care for someone who has used any of our services within the five years immediately preceding the date of application

Public constituency

Anyone who lives in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire or the rest of England and Wales and is interested in local healthcare can join this constituency.

Staff constituency

Anyone employed by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and has:

  • a permanent contract
  • a fixed term contract of 12 months or more
  • been continuously employed by the trust under a contract of employment for at least 12 months

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Page last reviewed: 1 February, 2023