Spiritual and Pastoral Support

When facing health difficulties, like any experience in life, there is often a need to question what is happening.

We aim to provide spiritual and pastoral care to patients, carers and staff and to meet specific religious needs across the trust.

We can support you

Spirituality and religion both recognise that the journey of ‘making sense’ of our experiences embraces heart, soul and spirit as well as mind and body.

We can accompany you on this journey or simply provide an opportunity to discuss how the experience of illness impacts on your life.

We can make provision for particular religious needs to be met and are in contact with local faith groups. However, whatever your beliefs you are still welcome to receive support.

Non-urgent advice: Our chaplains

What we do

We visit our inpatient wards and unit on a regular basis and staff will be happy to put you in touch with them. If you receive care from a community team, please ask your care co-ordinator to do this for you.

Spiritual and pastoral care is also offered in our community hospitals throughout Oxfordshire, where trust chaplains work with local  religious leaders to provide you with any support you or your family need.

Contact us

You are more than welcome to contact one of the chaplains directly and they will be happy to offer any support you might need.


Find a place of peace in our sanctuaries. Our sanctuaries provide a place of peace in the midst of the busy daily life of hospital sites.

Weekly services

You are very welcome to join one of our weekly services:

  • Warneford Hospital Sanctuary
    Tuesdays 2.15pm
  • Whiteleaf Sanctuary, Aylesbury
    Wednesdays at 3pm

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Page last reviewed: 2 November, 2023