Neurodevelopmental conditions

What we do

The Neuro-developmental Diagnostic Clinic (NDC) is one of the specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).

The NDC offers diagnostic assessment of autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), as well as other neuro-developmental conditions.

Following a diagnosis, parent Autism and ADHD groups are offered. We do not offer ongoing support for children and families who meet the criteria for other CAMHS services, however in some cases, discrete pieces of intervention or therapeutic work can be offered to families whose needs cannot be met within the other CAMHS services.

A consent form will be sent prior to the assessment. By attending the appointment, you are agreeing to the assessment of a neurodevelopmental condition. This is irrespective of the reason for the initial referral.

Non-urgent advice: Important information

As of 22 March 2021, our telephone system is changing. This means when you call us you will be presented with 3 options to help direct your query appropriately.

As of 22 March 2021, the Neuro-developmental Diagnostic Clinic will provide a telephone line 2 days a week (Tuesday and Thursday) for parents/carers, schools and other people involved with a young person who is currently on our waiting list (previously known as “duty”).

The purpose of this waiting list telephone line will be to help support and manage RISK in relation to the young person. Unfortunately, it is not an advice line. Please find attached link here, where you find can examples of situations, we are able to assist with.

Self-help resources

Page last reviewed: 8 September, 2021